FAQ (English)

What Plataforma Alianza Tebana is?
Plataforma Alianza Tebana (PTA) is a non-official and non-commercial free project in which fanfiction stories, arts and information can be found. This project is divided into two portals: Alianza Tebana and Sacred Band. The first one, Alianza Tebana, named as the main project and whose website is http://alianza-tebana.net , gathers fanfiction from different fandoms and issues, detailing love and/or sexual relationships between characters of the same or opposite sex. The second one, which name comes from La Banda Sagrada de Tebas (The Sacred Band of Thebes) and whose website is http://sacred-band.org , collects research articles about mythology, astronomy, customs and history of the Ancient Greece, focusing on Saint Seiya’s universe. Also, the site contains detailed information, trivia and others related to the protagonists of this amazing series. You can find an art gallery, yaoi mainly, as well in this website http://sacred-band.org/poikile.
How do I contact with Plataforma Alianza Tebana?
Through our collection system, placed in “Contacto” section on the website. There, you can request for membership or just leave your ideas and comments you think appropriate. Our public relations department will help you in whatever you may need.